BLW: a media artist collective that develops immersive, collective forms of critical and embodied research

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A Meeting is a Question Between: a week of public meetings in Millennium Park, Chicago

Part of „Pathogeographies” curated by FeelTank Chicago. An 1836 map designates the site of today’s Millennium Park as “Public Ground. A common, to remain forever open, clear and free of any building or obstruction”. Our immersed explorations included a search for the original “ground”; a workshop on the public trust doctrine and the shaping of public futurity; (dis)orientation exercises; surveys of guards and visitors (“excuse me, who owns this bridge?”), open-airing of blogospheric debates .  On July 4th we concentrated on the site as a battleground. How are enjoyment and coercion produced? How are modulations in the experience of time a form of warfare ( “Lull and Awe”)? In the Boeing Promenade, two important Boeing innovations in the permanentization of war: “linger time”, (a spatial parameter) and “cost-per-kill” (a financial instrument).  Daily bodywork sessions reinterpreted previously raised questions (in this case, what is the corporation's corpus?).

Click  HERE for a brief video documenting the events of July 4th. Click HERE for a brief report on the entire week.