Rozalinda Borcilă      CV 2000- 2010                                                                                             
Born in Cluj, Romania. Lives and works in Chicago, IL

all publications available online HERE


Visiting Faculty in Participatory Platforms. Master’s Research Program in Critical, Cross-Cultural, Cybermedia – Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland
2000 – 2009
Sculpture and Expanded Media, University of South Florida, Tampa FL
Tenured Associate Professor. Taught: Sculpture (1,2,3) ; Site, Performance, Place; Acts of Resistance; Walking and Not Walking; BFA Thesis Seminar; Distant Mirrors (summer program in  Paris); MFA Seminar; Identity-Alterity.  Area Head – Sculpture and Expanded Media (2000- 2002, 2006-2008); Coordinator - MFA Graduate Program (2001-2002)

COLLECTIVES (1) :  6Plus
a women’s arts collective, creates platforms for collaboration with Palestinian women artists and youth, curatorial and media projects, publications, workshops 
The Veil, University of Idaho – Boise, ID; Concordia College – Morehead, MN
2006- 2010
Workshops and teacher trainings: bookmaking, narrative, sound, performance. Al Feneiq Cultural Center, organized by the Popular Committee – Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Territories of
Incheon Women Artists' Biennale – Incheon, South Korea
"Walking Bethlehem" in Contemporary Collectives do Outrageous Work!,  curated by Carey Lovelace – Bronx Museum of Art, New York, NY
Secrets*, Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College – Chicago, IL
Sultana’s Dream, Exit Art – New York, NY
Women Redefining Peace in the Middle East & Beyond, The Nobel Women's Initiative
International Conference– Galway, Ireland
Secrets*. Al Hoash Gallery – West Jerusalem, Occupied Territories of Palestine
Secrets* The Dairy Center for Arts and Culture – Boulder, CO
Imaging Place, Invent-L Conference 2007, University of Florida – Gainesville, FL
Submerged Entropy, Smartshop Metal Arts Center – Kalamazoo, MI
TOAST, University of Colorado – Boulder, CO
Secrets.* The International Center of Bethlehem – West Bank, Occupied Territories of Palestine
Secrets.* The Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah – West Bank, Occupied Territories of Palestine
Middle Eastern Studies Association Annual Conference – Boston, MA
Secrets.* The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit – Ramallah, Occupied Territories of Palestine

COLLECTIVES (2) :  Radical Culture Research Collective
critiquing the capitalist art system, reflecting on politicized artistic practices, and developing modes of a militant praxis within and without the field of art
Radical Culture research Collective. The Sublime Whiff of Criticality: On the Functions of Documenta – Radical Philosophy #147, November/December
Radical Culture Research Collective: A Very Short Critique of Relational Aesthetics, for,

artist-activist collective, exploring the political potency of speech in a culture where orality is largely displaced by media forms; video, performance, workshops, writing  (with Sarah Lewison and Julie Wyman)
Fred Hampton Interviewed by the VideoFreex – self-published, Chicago 
Rehearsals, AREA Chicago: Art/Research/Education/Activism, Issue 7, Chicago 
Hopeless and Otherwise, curated by Valerie Imus, Southern Exposure – San Francisco CA
Respeaking Queen Mother Moore, workshop with the City Studio Youth Art Project – San Francisco CA
Pathogeographies, curated by FeelTank Chicago; Millennium Park and Gallery 400 – Chicago IL
Fragments of a Strike*, Southern Exposure Gallery – San Francisco CA
"I am going to tell you something no one can tell you who wasn’t there..." in Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Issue 5, Fall 2007 
The Coalition of Inquiry into the State of the Future (with Think Tank That Has Yet to be Named), Institute of Contemporary Art – Philadelphia PA
“I am going to tell you...” in Play Back, Play Forward edited by Manuela Zechner – Graz Museum, Austria
BLW: Out of the Box into the Body. Epicenter: University of California Digital Arts Research Network Annual Meeting – Riverside, CA
A Meeting is a Question*, intervention at Bechtel Plaza – San Francisco, CA
Shooting Fred Hampton, University of Hartford – Hartford, CT
Pilot TV – Chicago, IL

COLLECTIVES (4) : common_places and Center for Getting Ugly
Critical pedagogy, organizing and hyper-local experiments in collectivizing embodied knowledge
Rising and Falling: How We Walk, 6-month durational walking/listening research – underground rivers of Tampa, FL 
Rising and Falling: How We Walk in Tampa exhibitions at Oliver Gallery, University of South Florida (May); Museum of Contemporary Art  (June) – Tampa FL 
Inside/Out. Art After Dark, Tampa Museum of Art – Tampa, FL
Going Green: Sustainability Expo, Sun Dome – Tampa, FL 
Plausible Artworlds, Basekamp, – Philadelphia, PA
Walking and Not Walking seminar and walk, Versionfest – Chicago, IL
Walk, Talk, Eat, Talk Some More – month-long multi-city collaboration; online and in Miss Mao, Blacklist Projects – London, UK
Calisthenics for Collaboration, or Exercises for Labor Day*, Studio 27 – San Francisco, CA
Can’t We All Just Get Along? Counter-Cartographies of Playing Nice*, CFGU Open House, Gymnasium Lab – Tampa, FL
Walking and not Walking, year-long walking workshop, various public locations – Tampa, FL
"HINTS Riport", (with HINTS), performance, Ludwig Muzeum – Budapest, Hungary  
Common Places: an itinerant archive and social experiment, venues: 
Vector Gallery – Iasi, Romania; 
Casa Tranzit – Cluj Romania; 
Dinamo Gallery and AK-57 – Budapest, Hungary; 
Various public locations in Hillsborough county, Florida
Oliver Gallery, University of South Florida – Tampa, FL; with  NeuroTransmitter and MPG 

In-Between Frames, National Museum of Contemporary Art – Bucharest, Romania
Upendings, Derisions, Transcriptions , curated by G. Douglas Barrett, Presents Gallery – New York
Dear Pratella, what do you hear?, curated by Michelle Hyun, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College – Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Three Lessons in Advance of Prefigurative Listening, with Jerome Grand; commissioned by
Vector Publication – Frieze Art Fair, London, UK
How Are We? States of attention, permanent war, and Here We Are. Listening for beginners (v.2) in Non-Cochlear Sound, curated by Seth Cohen – Diapason, NY
Invasion, commissioned for Ovidiu Tichindeleanu and Konrad Petrovszky (eds): The Televised Romanian Revolution. Cluj, IDEA Design & Print
Twenty-Two Reviews, a project by Bonnie Fortune, Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Traces, National University of Fine Arts – Bucharest, Romania
Invazia, commissioned for Ovidiu Tichindeleanu and Konrad Petrovszky (eds): Revoluţia Română Televizată. Cluj, IDEA Design & Print
Revolutia in direct (Revolution, live). Organized by Ovidiu Tichindeleanu. Department of Art in Public Space – Bucharest, Romania
Traces – venues: CIAC Gallery, Port Aven, France; Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA; Selby Gallery, Sarasota FL
Politics Under Fire, McGill University – Montréal, Canada
Past Futures, collaboration with Cristian Nae, commissioned by Vector Magazine – Iasi, Romania; for Documenta 7 publication platform
Sama Alshaibi and Rozalinda Borcila, University of Stellenbosch – Stellenbosch, South Africa 
Excerpts*, Vector Gallery – Iasi, Romania
Post-Industrial Carnival, Flight 19 – Tampa, FL (curator)
Touch Type, Parsons Gallery – Paris, France
Geography Lessons: Three Landscape Studies and Counting*, Objex Artspace - Miami, FL 
Border Counter curated by Multiplicity – Venice Biennale (Utopia Station) 
Americana, School of Visual Arts – New York  
The Elastic Test*, (with Robert Lawrence), Nickle Arts Museum – Alberta, Canada 
Geography Lessons: Eight Landscape Studies, and Counting* – Middle Tennessee State University 
Cuentos de mi Familia collaboration with John Michernan Gonzales, ENLACE, seven public schools, Hillsborough Community College and the Ybor City Museum – Tampa, FL
The Elastic Test: Hips, Lips and Skin Test*, University of the Witwatersrand – Johannesburg, South Africa
Reload, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum – Istanbul, Turkey 
easyCity, De Vrije Ruimte – Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
911+1: The Perplexities of Security, Brown University – Providence, RI 
Ground Zero, Museum of New Art – Detroit, MI 
New Directions, the Film Art Index online exhibition 
The Naturalization Project: Installment #7, USF Contemporary Art Museum - Tampa, FL
The Naturalization Project*, Covivant Gallery –Tampa, FL


Listening for the future: it is open, it is under construction!, in the Metaphysical Club organized
by InCUBATE – Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
Supper Club (guest chef with Mary Rachel Fanning), Backstory Café – Chicago, Illinois
Introducing a Formal Axiomatic Redundancy Theory of Art (FART Art), Andrew Krepps Gallery – New York
The Canadian National Anthem, Alberta College of Art and Design – Alberta, Canada
The Elastic Test: LOCAL Standard Test, American Studies Association National Conference  – Houston TX
Frames, Borders, Limits, Brock University – Ontario, Canada 
How Can I Become Naturalized? , Center for Creative Studies – Detroit, MI
Tracking Down, Postmodern Productions International Conference – Erlangen, Germany 
This is Not A Test: Critical Bodies – State University of New York, Brockport 
The Body at the Border, Performance Studies International Conference – Mainz, Germany
Citizen/Foreigner Experiments, University of California – Irvine, CA
Rozalinda Borcilă. Open Letter: On Interventionist Art. in CCC, Annual publication of the program in Critical, Cross-Cultural, Cybermedia, Geneva Switzerland. (forthcoming)
Rozalinda Borcilă. Deciphering the signs of the present. In David Cohen et al. Serban Savu. Berlin. Hatje Cantz (forthcoming)
Art in Wartime: a Conversation with Rozalinda Borcila and Microsillons. Eternal Tour, Jerusalem – Ramallah, Geneva, Eternal Tour 2010/2011
Rozalinda Borcilă. In Search of Liberation. Maska Volume 24, Issue 120-121. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Rozalinda Borcilă and Cristian Nae. Global Capitalism and the European Expansion: An Introduction to the Economies of the Home -  in Europe: In-Between Documentary and Fiction, edited by Marina Grzinic and Walter Seidl. Vienna, Erste Foundation
Rozalinda Borcilă. Learning Alongside: Audio Journals from Dheisheh Refugee Camp in Third Text, special issue on Tactical Media, Gene Ray and Gregory Scholette (eds). London and New York: Routledge
Rozalinda Borcilă, (ed.) “Rising and Falling: How We Walk in Tampa”– produced by the Center for Getting Ugly and the University of South Florida
Rozalinda Borcilă Playing Fields in Meg Samuelson and Shaun Viljoen (eds) Oceanic Worlds/Bordered Worlds, special issue of Social Dynamics 33.2. Routledge: London and Cape Town 
Rozalinda Borcilă and Cristian Nae. Past Futures: Extreme Subjectification. The Engineering of the Future and the Instrumentalization of Life – in Vector Magazine, No 2. Iasi Romania.
Mitchell Szczepanczyk,  Interview with Rozalinda Borcila on the struggle of Afghan refugees in
Norway. The Ministry of Truth, WHPK Chicago. August 16
Rozalinda Borcilă. Schiphol trans- in easyCity, Interventies in de vrescheurde stad. Floris de Graad, Hilje van der Horst, Freek Kallenberg, Ilse van Liempt (eds). Amsterdam: De Vrije Ruimte
Rozalinda Borcilă. The Field’s Edge: Africa, Diaspora, Lens  in Art South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, spring/summer
Rozalinda Borcilă. What to Do With A Disturbing Body, in Thomas Doerfler/Claudia Globisch
(Eds.), Postmodern practices. Beiträge zueiner vergehenden Epoche: Muenster: LIT Publ
Dore Bowen, Sacred Cow, Sacred Text: Allegories of the Spectacle in BLW's Re-Speaking Project in Adaptation Theories , ed. Jillian Saint Jacques, Jan van Eyk Press
Bogdan Murgescu. După douăzeci de ani.  Dilematica, Satiricon: Bucharest, Romania.  vol V no 47, April
Louise Amoore, Lines of Sight: On the Visualization of Unknown Futures in Citizenship Studies, Vol 13 Issue 1, February 
Louise Amoore. "Response Before the Event: On Forgetting the War on Terror". in Terrorism and the Politics of Response. Angharad Closs Stephens, Nick Vaughan-Williams (eds) ,New York: Routledge, pp 130-143
Jung-Ah Woo, 2nd International Women Artists Biennale, Incheon, 2009 C-Arts, August 8
Cathy Rose A. Garcia. Spotlight on Women Artists at Incheon Biennale, Korea Times, July 30
Louise Amoore and Marieke de Goede (eds). Risk and the War on Terror, London: Routledge
Rebecca Zorach, Make it Stop, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Vol 6, Los Angeles
Lucy Lippard, Smouldering Secrets, in Secrets exhibition catalog, 6Plus (self-published)
Art Exhibition Confronts Issues in the Middle East produced by Blair Chavis, Chicago Public Radio, March 20
Lauren Weinberg.  West Bank Story, Columbia's Glass Curtain Gallery hosts daring cross- cultural exchange Time Out Chicago, Issue 159 : Mar 13–19
Megan Voeller. The Way We Walk in Tampa. Creative Loafing, Tampa FL. April 
Maymanah Farhat, The Unearthing of Secrets, Electronic Intifada, April 
Diana Awad, Turning our Tongues: Journals from Dheisheh, Electronic Intifada, September 2007 
Youni Häkli. Biometric Identities. Progress in Human Geography, 31(2), Sage Publications. pp 139-141
Amelia Ishmael. Bridging the empathy gap, Boulder Weekly, May 24
Hemispheres (interview), aired on KGNU Independent Community Radio, Colorado, May 1
Cristian Nae, Extracted and Embezzled: The Subversive Force of Reteritorialization, IDEA #21,Cluj Romania

Susan Edwards, Pushing the Edge, Weekly Planet Tampa, FL August
Jaap Draaisma (De vrije Ruimte). The Creative City in Annual Conference of the International Network of Urban Research and Action, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wes Lafortune, Stretchy Boundaries of Immigration Law, FFWD, Calgary, April 10
Frank Provenzano, Images of Ground Zero, Detroit Free Press, July 10 2002 
David Walsh, Interview with Rozalinda Borcila, World Socialist Review, July 29, 2002 
Natalie Haddad, New York City, Real Detroit Weekly, July 10 2002 
Joy Hakanson Kolby, Ground Zero Engulfs the Senses, Detroit News, July 27, 2002
Adrian Mihalache, Cultura Cablata: Cazul Borcilă, Contemporanul, Timisoara, Romania - December 21
Public-Media-Space Festival – Yerewan, Armenia 
Salon Y Coloquio Internacional De Arte Digital  – Havanna, Cuba  
International Festival of New Film and New Media – Split, Croatia 
Biennale of Electronic Arts – Perth, Australia  
Thailand New Media Art Festival - Bangkok, Thailand 
Detroit FilmFest - Detroit, MI
Chinsegut Festival - Chinsegut Hill, FL
New York International Independent Film Festival - New York 
Aboriginal Film Festival, University of South Florida - Tampa FL (curator)
Always Independent Film Festival - Cincinnati, OH 
Taos Talking Pictures International Film and Video Festival - Taos, NM

"Rising and Falling: on the making of public space", University of Tampa – Tampa, FL
"Lines of Sight", artist lecture, Princeton University – Princeton, NJ
"A Meeting is a Question: Millennium Park", Gallery 400; part of Pathogeographies curated by Feeltank – Chicago, IL
Summit: Non-Aligned Initiatives in Art, Education, Activism – Berlin, Germany
".. the object is to change the heart and soul", Michigan State University – Lansing, MI
"Rising and Falling: on making public space", altSPACE Festival, South London Gallery – London UK
"Playing Fields", in Forging the Local and Global conference, University of Stellenbosch – South Africa
Networks, Art and Collaboration conference, SUNY – Buffalo, NY
"Surviving the Image, Representing Death" (symposium chair), University of South Florida – Tampa FL
"Artists and the War Against Iraq", panel discussion, The Museum of New Art – Detroit MI
"Have You Ever Heard of Eastern Europe?" artist talk, University of the Witwatersrand – Johannesburg, South Africa
"The Interrogation (of Rozalinda Borcila)", The Museum of New Art – Detroit, MI
1999 - Michigan State University, Lansing MI – MFA Studio Art/Sculpture
1995 – Monmouth College, Monmouth IL – BFA Studio Art
1989-1992 – Cluj University Polytechnic Institute, Cluj Romania – Computer Science