we are an informally disorganized collective effort. within it, individual participants function with short mandates in a variety of capacities. we periodically secede, revolt and disaffiliate. we are not a committee. the practice is owned by none and all. it is shared but cannot be personalized. you may quit at any time. we invite you to consider positions in one of our divisions including, but not limited to, the following:

Division of Radical Giving - specializing in contributions of all kinds, to everyone's amazement. this ranges from materials about your collective practice, to ideas, contacts, information, sources, knowledge... it may take the form of time, creative effort, skill sharing, shelter, teachings...

Center for Getting Ugly - dedicated to the research, practice and sustained experimentation with conflict as essential political activity. the Center seeks to develop individual and collective capabilities for the production of radical politics. must embrace conflict as an essential, productive aspect of collaboration. must be perpetually dissatisfied with, and suspicious of, existing aesthetic or semantic strategies.

Council of Peripheral Visionaries - develop possible and often tangential futures.

International Department of Infinitely Small Steps - identify possible new hosts and seek out local collectives. hosts temporarily shelter the collection, create events that welcome use of the stuff and facilitate access. may involve a space in which the resource is available to the public, or circumstances that facilitate discussions around, or the study of, collectivity

Division of Research and Love - 1. our prestigious and self-appointed researchers in residence: study, interpret and theorize; develop new methodologies; elaborate possible structures and interpret materials for own research 2. our excellent designers and designers of excellence: develop portable, fun and economical physical structures for specific projects 3. ground crew: work in our provisional space to facilitate access; develop packing and unpacking as strategies for interpretive research and play