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Our web component includes information on the different installments, a full program at each destination, as well as information on our web and radio broadcasts.

First installment
October 25 - November 5
Oliver Gallery
Tampa, FL

Featured program items:
Midnight music jams
Workshops on pirate radio and transmitter assembly
On-site radio broadcasts
Town meeting: an intersection of local grass-roots efforts to coordinate action during US election
Special Screenings:
On Rules and Monsters: An Introduction to Freecooperation - Christoph Spehr and Jörg Windszus
3 SubRosa Performances - subRosa
Strategy Defense and Arms Fair - ICOLS (International Corporation of Lost Structures)
Retooling Dissent - Counterproductive Industries
Fat of the Land - Nicole Cousino, Sarah Lewison, Julie Konop, Florence Dore and Gina Todus