The archive - exhibits, exchanges, collective interrogations, events and non-events

Over the course of several years, across multiple locations and sets of collaborators, we tried to explore the archive as a social form. In the most literal sense, this meant traveling and somehow activating -- through readings, event series and so on -- a collection of materials focusing on collective practices. The materials included books, publications, ephemera, interviews, media generously contributed by (artist) collectives. But this also meant thining about how knowledges (explicit and implicit) are produced and exchanged around the archive, that is through the process of collecting, interrogating and interpreting materials. Traveling was not so much about making the materials accessible elsewhere (as multiple outputs), but also about resituating the process of learning or accumulation, destabilizing what we think we know (creating multiple inputs). We wanted to resist the archive as a "black box" and instead keep activating the process of its continuous making.

Perhaps inevitably, no single narrative account of these years has been produced. See several sets of images and brief descriptions  HERE and the blog at