An allegorical video in four parts, Disclosures considers “post-89” subjectivity in relation to insertion into global capitalism. Part 1 uses images shot in US suburbia for an ad campaign touting the capabilities of night-vision targeting technology, currently used by the US military in the global “war on terror”. Part 2 follows a couple appearing and disappearing in a rotating field. Part 3 tracks the presence of a waiting, solitary camera in an intensely tourist plaza. Part 4, announced by the stern appearance of a CNN anchor on December 29, 1989, follows the tangled interweaving of two dancers.


"Invasion" was a commisioned visual project, inserted as the opening of a theoretical volume entitled "The Televised Romania Revolution". It is a re-spatialization and critical, performative "re-reading" of the seconds that immediately precede the first live global broadcast of the televised Romanian revolution on CNN. This is the beginning of the end of the cold war as a televisual performance, and the inauguration of a new regime of visibility, which we subsequently see fully unfolding in the televisual production of the war in Iraq. There is a temporal coincidence of two geographies. The Romanian revolution (cast as the global victory of capitalism) is put into relation with the invasion of Panama: firstly, it is used to frame the invasion (functioning also as a visual "stand-in", as Romania's hypervisibility works to produce the invisibility of Panama ); secondly, they both appear to us as the new frontiers of capitalist expansion at the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Click here for pdf