Geography Lessons

"Increasingly, the spaces we navigate are policed through technologies of visualization and information management. The X-Ray machine, racial profiling practices, surveillance devices, scrutiny of documents, fingerprinting etc are meant to make everything, visible or invisible, available for inspection. The condition of security is the coincidence between vision, landscape and power.

This series of small interventions in highly controlled spaces began shortly after September 11th 2001. Using a video camera as a way of looking back, the artist shoots images in airport security zones: inside X-Ray machines, at passport check points, immigration control, baggage claim. Geography Lessons (... cont.) is an on-going archive of these video images, interpreted (or queried) in a series of video works. The border device is constituted through rhythmic, spatial flows, as a field of relations between video channels. It is, in visual terms, landscape as crisis."
(text by Rozalinda Borcila and Horea Avram)

This website contains a small portion of the archive: excerpts of a few videos taken around, and inside of, airport X-Ray machines.