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Lucy L. Lippard. "Smouldering Secrets" - essay for Secrets exhibition catalogue, December 2007

Cristian Nae. "Extracted and Embezzled. The subversive force of Reteritorialization" - on Borcila exhibition "Excerpts", IDEA Magazine

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Radical Culture Research Collective. "A Very Short Critique of Relational Aesthetics" - for

Rozalinda Borcila and Cristian Nae. "Past Futures: Extreme Subjectification. The Engineering of the Future and the Instrumentalization of Life" - collaborative textual installation for Vector Magazine

Neelika Jayawardane. "Alshaibi / Borcila" - Essay for exhibition brochure, Sama Alshaibi and Rozalinda Borcila

Louise Amoore. "Lines of Sight: On Security and the Visualization of the Unknown" - Presentation at the Standing Group on International Relations/

Rozalinda Borcila. "Schiphol trans-" - essay in EasyCity. Amsterdam: De Vrije Ruimte, 2004

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Diana Awad. "Turning our tongues: Journals from Dheisheh " -  Electronic Intifada



BLW. BeLoW. Be Like Water -

Common Places - 

6+ , a woman arts collective - 

Easy City Amsterdam -

The Elastic Test Project - performative re-stagins of immigration procedures: Houston, Johannesburg, Calgary


Coalition of Inquiry into the State of the Future - Public Hearing collaboration, BLW and Think Tank that has yet to be named