Three Lessons in Advance of Prefigurative Listening (with Jérôme Grand)

 I have been teaching listening in social centers, free schools and universities; repurpusing methods from musicology, structural acoustics and acoustic ecology. This is intended as a lived, live and living practice.

After collaborating extensively on other workshops, the Vector group invited me to contribute a piece in print form to their project for Frieze Art fair. “Three Lessons” became an interrogation of the practice and of the print form. It draws upon Jérôme Grand’s experience of the exercises in the workshop, as well our shared interests in the history of writing.  We thought of this collaboration as a scribing practice, which for us raised questions about orality and literacy (the contingent shaping of listening, speaking, reading, writing and remembering), and about the process whereby co-operative, oral and memorized learning becomes enclosed as reading and writing. (Commissioned by Vector Magazine for Frieze Art Fair). Click on the image for our published piece.