Immigration authorities around the world need our help!! Use this website to contribute your ideas or proposals for an elastic test that can be devised to eliminate undesirable foreigners. Ideally, your proposal can produce a legitimate elastic test.
Criteria for a legitimate test:
1. it must evidence tangible qualities of elasticity
2. it must produce a public performance
3. it must yield objective measurements
4. it must be possible to first establish a local standard against which the foreigner can be measured to determine if she passes or fails the test
Note: tests are evaluated relative to local standards; therefore, there is a significant correlation between the test and its intended location
We will review and perform some of these tests on our subject. For some sites, tests will be developed in collaboration with local audiences in small workshops. As we plan tests for particular locations, check this site for current developments, information on the location, local standards, cultural and political relevance of immigration issues, dates/times of live webcasts, and results analysis. Each completed test will then be archived on this web site for future reference.


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