Immigration Statutes around the world are generally written using vague or abstract notions such as good moral character. It is the messy job of the courts to make such abstractions concrete, to objectively test and measure the moral character of a foreigner, and to eliminate arbitrary or contingent factors from the immigrations process. Join us in doing our part. We will invent, develop and implement numerous elastic tests, which can help the authorities contain and eliminate undesirable foreign bodies. Some of these tests will then be executed on our foreign test subject in a series of live and webcast performances.

To be eligible for naturalization you must be a person of good moral character. INS will make a determination on your moral character based upon the laws Congress has passed......The naturalization courts generally exercised wide discretion and applied an elastic test in determining whether the character requirements had been satisfied......Good moral character, a question of fact, has been interpreted as meaning character which measures up to the standards of average citizens of the community in which the applicant resides…

Interpretation 316.1


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